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Prof. Stefania Baroncelli

Stefania Baroncelli Free University of Bolzano-Bozen

Prof. Stefania BaroncelliStefania Baroncelli is Associate Professor of Public Law and European Union Law at the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen, School of Economics and Management, where she is Director of the Course of Economics and Social Sciences.

She got her Degree in Law at the School of Law of the University of Florence (Italy), her LL.M. at the School of Law of New York University (NY) and her Ph.D. in Law at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy).

Her current research interests relate mainly to the constitutional dimension of the EU and its relationship with the member States, to the independence of central banks and independent commissions from the legal point of view and to the role of the State in the economic sphere.

She has published the book on the European Central Bank “La Banca centrale europea: profili giuridici e istituzionali. Un confronto con il modello americano della Federal Reserve”, Florence, EPAP, 2000, and edited with G. Varvesi the volume Europe in progress. Critical issues in the process of European integration, EPAP, 2002. She publishes in the main Italian journals of Constitutional Law such as Quaderni costituzionali, Quaderni della rassegna di diritto pubblico europeo, and Osservatorio sulle fonti.

She is responsible of a Jean Monnet Module and of several projects of research financed by the EC, by the Italian Ministry of the University and other sources. Since 2007 she is codirector of the International Jean Monnet Summer Seminar run together with Tor Vergata.